Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A New Left International

Why are American progressives still so ineffective?

Because of the “success” of the Bernie Sanders’ campaign last election cycle, all of these organizations now ask for donations (usually $27) as well as other forms of assistance from American citizens:

Brand New Congress,
Our Revolution,
Democratic Socialists of America,
Democracy for America,
Progressive Democrats of America,
Labor for Our Revolution,
People for Bernie,
Justice Dems,
Food and Water Action Fund,
National Nurses United,
Young Progressives Demanding Action,
Single Payer Coalition,
Common Defense PAC/Vets Against Hate,
Working Families Party,
Millennials for Revolution,
Women's March,
Good Jobs Nation,
Healthcare Now,

What's wrong with this picture?

Here are some of the issues/goals that these organizations want to work on:

Medicare for All,
Free College Tuition,
$15 Minimum Wage,
Women's rights,
Voting rights,
Climate Change,
Criminal Justice reform,
Immigrant rights,
taxes on Wall Street speculation,

But corporate democrats are worse than useless. 
Hillary is even more odious than Trump (

If Americans cannot accept the “c” word (communism), then we need another name for the party that could wrestle power away from the billionaires in 2020, after Trump drives the USA into the ground.

One movement, one party: a New Left International.

(What follows is an excerpt from:
“We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy,” by Slavoj Žižek)

The only way to defeat Trump— and to redeem what is worth saving in liberal democracy—is to detach ourselves from liberal democracy’s corpse and establish a new Left.

Elements of the program for this new Left are easy to imagine.

Trump promises the cancellation of the big free trade agreements supported by Clinton, and the left alternative to both should be a project of new and different international agreements.

Such agreements would establish public control of the banks, ecological standards, workers rights, universal healthcare, protections of sexual and ethnic minorities, etc.

The big lesson of global capitalism is that nation states alone cannot do the job—only a new political international has a chance of bridling global capital.

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