Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump is a threat to global stability—only a new Left international can beat him.

Excerpt from:
“We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy”

Even if Trump will appear successful, the results of his politics will be ambiguous at best for ordinary people, who will soon feel the pain of this success. 

The only way to defeat Trump— and to redeem what is worth saving in liberal democracy—is to detach ourselves from liberal democracy’s corpse and establish a new Left. 

Elements of the program for this new Left are easy to imagine. 

Trump promises the cancellation of the big free trade agreements supported by Clinton, and the left alternative to both should be a project of new and different international agreements. 

Such agreements would establish public control of the banks, ecological standards, workers rights, universal healthcare, protections of sexual and ethnic minorities, etc. 

The big lesson of global capitalism is that nation states alone cannot do the job—only a new political international has a chance of bridling global capital.

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