Sunday, October 12, 2014



Joke #1: So, these three moon-landing deniers walk into a bar. But it could have been a secret studio in Texas fitted out to look like it's a bar.

Joke #2: And the bartender says, "So, why are you all dressed this way?"
So, these three time-travelers walk into a bar.

Joke #3: So, these three postmodernists walk into a bar. There are several competing punchlines that problematize a neat and tidy resolution of this joke.

Joke #4: So, these three conspiracy-theorists walk into a bar. Do you honestly believe that was nothing but a coincidence??!!

Joke #5: So, Gaddafi and Mubarek walk into a bar. After they left, the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections, banned alcohol, and closed the bar.

Joke #6: Three Arab post-colonialists walk into a bar. But then they refuse to continue the joke because it's based on White Man stereotypes.

Joke #7: So a Muslim, a Christian & a Jew walk into a bar. According to new guidelines on religious tolerance, they enjoy a mutually respectful time.

Joke #8: So three post-structuralists walk into a bar. It's impossible to articulate what happened to them individually in one coherent punchline.

Joke #9: So three Jordanians walk into a bar. The king removes the Prime Minister & dissolves the parliament. That's how all stories finish in Jordan.

Joke #10: So a minimalist walks into a bar.

Joke #11: So three poets walked into a bar. But they drove away in an automobile. Because modern poetry doesn't have to rhyme.

Joke #12: The Pope, the Ayatollah and the Grand Sheikh walk into a bar, but they can't agree on how best to oppress the lady bartender.

Joke #13: So three Iranian presidential candidates walk into a bar. We're waiting for the Supreme Leader to issue the punchline.

Joke #14: So Žižek and Chomsky walk into a bar. Chomsky said the punchline is empirically wrong. Žižek used a Lacanian metaphor about Chomsky's mother.

Joke #15: So three EU commissioners walk into a bar. The punchline is utterly incomprehensible but available in 24 languages.

Joke #16: So three French thinkers walk into a bar. But they refuse to continue the joke because the format represents Anglo-Saxon cultural hegemony.

Joke #17: So a Maronite, a Sunni, a Shiite, a Druze, a Greek Orthodox, a Greek Catholic, an Armen... Oh never mind; there's not enough space for a Lebanese bar joke.

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